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        3. 復印機租賃

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Do you offer short and long term rentals?
          Yes, we offer daily, weekly, and month-to-month rentals.

          What does the rental include?
          All service, parts and supplies (excludes paper).

          What areas do you service?
          We have kept business running smoothly throughout Southern California since 1984. We are currently serving Los Angeles, Orange and parts of Riverside and San Diego County areas.

          Can I get same day delivery?
          Yes, our large inventory enables us to deliver your equipment when you need it. Most local deliveries can be same day.

          Can I get a weekend delivery or pickup?
          Yes, we offer delivery and pickup service 7 days a week.

          What if my equipment breaks down on the weekend?
          No problem. We have personnel available on weekends to assist you with your equipment.

          If my equipment breaks down, what is your response time?
          We stand behind our commitment to our customers to offer the most outstanding service in the industry. Our response time is 4 hours or less. If for any reason we cannot repair your equipment, we will replace it within 24 hours.

          What if I need to upgrade my equipment?
          We understand that as your business grows, so do your business needs. Upgrading your equipment is no problem.

          If I rent my equipment, is there an option to buy?
          Yes, We rent with the option to buy, and also sell new and refurbished equipment as well.

          If I own my equipment, do you have a service contract available?
          Yes, service contracts include all parts, service, and supplies.

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