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        3. 復印機租賃

          About IKS company

          NanJing IKS commerce and trade company is an authorized Kyocera reseller. Currently serving ShangHai, Suzhou, NanJing.

          Founded in October 1995, started in a small office in XuHui district of ShangHai. We believed that excellent service and good quality of machine is what it would take to become successful. Through years of hard work and dedication to our customers we have found this to be true.
          By creating a reliable, dependable and honest reputation throughout the industry we grew, in march 2010, we set up NanJing IKS and SuZhou Panco.
          We are a service driven company and what will always set us apart from our competitors is “Our commitments to our customers”
          Contact Us

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          地 址1:上海市徐匯區漕溪路251號4號304室
          聯系人:吳先生 劉小姐 電話:021 -549741201 18964116442 傳真:021-54971206,郵箱:14256808@qq.com